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production manager
In the ´90s, after some years of production work in Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastian, I went for four years to London. There, besides undertaking two postgraduate courses at the City University London (Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Administration) and the Goldsmiths University (Masters in Arts. The Process of Production), I worked at the British Film Institute for the London Film Festival.

In 2000, on my return from London, I collaborated for some years with San Sebastian International Film Festival until in 2001 I moved to Madrid where, working at Universal Studios Spain, I was in charge of production of two monthly cinema programmes. Deciding to outsource some services Universal offers us to undertake the production of those programmes and so we decided to found Morgan Creativos. Since then for almost 10 years we have been producing the material for Universal, Digital+, Cuatro, ETB and also film production companies. Besides our own documentaries have participated in some international film festivals and broadcasted on foreign television channels.

Pregnant with my first daughter (author of the picture above) in 2003 I return home, to San Sebastian. The other half of Morgan Creativos (the one below) is seduced by the city and its people, and so, without much though, we decide to settle our company here, in Basque Country. We have been fortunate to work continuously with and within the culture of San Sebastian and nearby provinces. From 2010, looking for new incentives, we decide to focus our work on productions for museums, art galleries, performing arts centres, meanwhile the thirst for knowledge brings me back to University where I study the History of Arts. My early foreign experiences improved my language skills, adding to EGA in Basque language diplomas in English and German, and chatter knowledge of French.


creative director
Working in audiovisual production, I have directed and co-directed numerous documentaries related to the world of art and culture: ‘#jazzaldia50’ (2015), ‘Una historia del Zinemaldia’ (documentary series, 2010), ‘Edward Hopper, el pintor del silencio’ (2005), ‘El viaje de Berlioz’ (2004), ‘Huston & Joyce (diálogos con los muertos)‘ (2001), ‘Orson Welles en el país de Don Quijote‘ (2000), ‘Edgar Neville, emparedado entre comillas’ (2000), ‘Coppola: un hombre y sus sueños‘ (1999), ‘Hitchcock: la ficción sin límites‘ (1999) or ‘Huellas de un espíritu‘ (1998), as well as other audiovisual work about historical issues: ‘Berriro Igo Nauzu‘ (short film, 2011), ‘La Zona (The Unnamed Zone)’ (documentary, 2006) or ‘Una sinfonía en imágenes’ (audiovisual creation, 2003).

Working on these titles I have had the honour and great fortune to create contents and develop ideas together, cheek by jowl, with such writers and journalists as Carlos F. Heredero, Diego Galán, Esteve Riambau, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Kirmen Uribe, Santiago Aguilar or Tony Partearroyo, and take part in International film festivals, like in San Sebastian, Valladolid, Malaga, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Tel Aviv, Havana, São Paulo, Cartagena, Adana, Bilbao, etc., obtaining several awards.

In recent years I have focused my work on the audiovisual design for cultural events (San Sebastian International Film Festival, Heineken Jazzaldia), museums (Bibat Museum in Vitoria, San Telmo Museum and Naval Museum in San Sebastian, Dolomites Museum in Karrantza), as well as on the creative development of exhibitions, video installations and the investigation of new audiovisual experiences.

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