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San Telmo Museum

San Telmo Museum

2017 Funeral Rites in the Basque Country
2014 Promotional video
2011 Challenges (video installation)
2011 Audiovisuals for the Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition
Production of all the audiovisual work of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship San Telmo in San Sebastian.
More than 35 videos, including documentary, video art, commercials, making of and the audio guide of museum.

Video installation permanently exhibited in the Church that forms part of the San Telmo Museum (Museum of Basque Society and Citizenship San Telmo).
A dialogue between 9 screens tells the history of the building and makes a reflection of the future challenges for our society.
In collaboration with Malandain Ballet Biarritz and video artists Isabel Herguera, Izibene Oñederra, Tamara García, Gustavo Díaz, José Belmonte and Koldo Almandoz.

Funeral Rites in the Basque Country
Audiovisual that explains how much the funeral rites in the Basque Country have changed from Prehistory to today. Burials, stelae, argizaiolas, rites...

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